When does exchange XYZ add Komodo? Can you please add it to that exchange?



The exchanges decide on their own when/if they will add Komodo. We can not influence them. If you would like to see Komodo on a certain exchange -> contact them!

A list of exchanges that have already added Komodo can be found here.

To request addition of KMD to Poloniex:


Coin Name: Komodo

Symbol: KMD

ANN page https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1605144.0

Link: www.komodoplatform.com

Block Explorer: https://kpx.io

Coin Innovations:

Delayed Proof-of-Work

EasyDEX (decentralized exchange, atomic cross chain exchange)

KV storage



Iguana multiwallet


Will Komodo ever be selective in where their coins are exchanged? For example, an exchange that has a poor reputation from being a bad actor in the past.


The selection of exchanges is not of priority, Komodo is already listed on major exchanges such as Poloniex and Bittrex. In addition, it is not Komodo’s responsibility to micromanage which exchanges it traded at, buyers and sellers make that choice, same reason why bitcoin trading is somewhat ubiquitous in numerous exchanges. in fact, the more exchanges that trade Komodo the better publicity for Komodo.
With that being said scam exchanges are to be avoided and supernet is currently building a decentralized exchange called Instantdex with features such as “Quantum Trading” and cross chains atomic swaps.

more info on http://coremedia.info/blockchain-news/item/808-easydex-liquidity-multiplier-introducing-quantum-trading.

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Thanks! This helped give some clarity.