What is the difference between SuperNET's BarterDEX technology and Zcash's atomic-swap XCAT technology?



Zcash atomic-swap technology explained: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPvfn138PRg
BarterDEX technology explained: coming soon!

BarterDEX Landing Page: barterdex.com

@jl777 the tech explained in the video for htlc seems very same as nLocktime details done in our protocol.
or they are doing something different in some other part which is not exactly matching to ours ?

@grewalsatinder they seem to be using the simple form of atomic swap protocol that requires both coins to support CLTV. barterDEX only requires the bob side to have CTLV and HTLC support, the alice side only requires 2of2 multisig. which means that theoretically non-bitcoin coins could be integrated as an alice coin. However, I wont be doing that work myself as it requires intimate knowledge of the non-bitcoin protocol


Also they are just demoing the basic, raw XCAT swap, not anything with an order book or that does order matching, hooks to pricing feeds, etc. Their’s is a building block to build that, for bitcoin and zcash (and can be forked for others), whereas BarterDEX is the entire ecosystem of stuff you need to build around that already.