What is the difference between komodo and RSK (Rootstock)?


What is the difference between komodo and RSK (Rootstock)?


[07:09] jl777: There is very little in common
as in they are entirely different

[07:24] kchoi: how is it different
if I want to launch a coin, rsk seems to provide a similar level of security via merge mining and same scalability with the added benefit of smart contracts

[07:26] jl777: how do you convince miners to merge mine your coin?
Only so many coins will be merge mined by the large miners
dPoW doesn’t need to get permission and cooperation of miners

[07:27] kchoi: you can reward coins when they solve the puzzle

[07:27] jl777: sure and the miners can say “no thanks”.
Merge mining requires miners cooperation, which won’t be given to all coins.
If RSK is merged mined, fine, but then anything on top of that is a derivative crypto without any inherent protections of its own. As RSK goes, so does all the derivatives. This is the same for all derivative cryptos, NXT, BTS, ETH, etc.

Remember DAO? It brought down the entire ETH chain, so as more and more derivatives are added, the risk that one of them messes up the rest keeps increasing. And there is always the shared bloat.

By keeping everything in an independent chain, everything stays independent.

[07:29] v3miner: I think the shorter list would be “how are they the same?”

[07:30] kchoi: What do you mean by which won’t be given to all coins? are you saying that miners in the other blockchain have to cooperate?

[07:30] jl777: Yes, merged mining requires the miner to set it up. If they don’t set it up, then it isn’t happening.

[07:31] kchoi: makes sense

[07:31] jl777: With dPoW, you can proactively just start doing it, without anybody’s permission or cooperation, it is just a normal tx as far as the security chain is concerned.

[07:31] v3miner: I think it’s important to look at WHY RSK is merge-mined, because keep in mind… it’s also 2-way pegged. The goal is fairly clear.

[07:32] jl777: RSK itself will likely be merge mined by a lot of miners, but if we look at a specific derivative contract, it only piggybacks onto RSK.

So if one day RSK decides to 10x tx fees, well, not much you can do.
If one day there is a RSK DAO incident, everything tumbles down.

[07:32] v3miner: Let’s not compete with BTC, let’s basically be a better BTC alongside BTC, and eventually we’ll get everyone on this side of the fence.

[07:32] jl777: Best to keep things as independent as possible.
Any mishaps are isolated to the chain it happens on.
Any data needed for a chain is limited to that chain, sharding is thus automatic.
No breakthrough is needed, proven blockchain tech can be used, as long as it can all interoperate via native DEX.
Then there is the zcash privacy.
PAX pegged and backed fiat equivalents.

[07:34] kchoi: true

[07:34] jl777: Notary nodes that will offer services, that come built into the infrastructure.
I don’t think you can do a point by point comparison without looking at the entire picture to make sure all the important aspects are covered properly.

[07:35] kchoi: Was just reading about civic n they’re using rsk
but I think

[07:35] jl777: it is a design of a system, ecosystem, very complex.

[07:35] kchoi: they can easily switch over to Komodo and be resistant to fee inflation.

[07:36] jl777: Our smartchain support is not yet, but we will support native smart chains, where it isn’t interpreted by some global (slow) virtualized method, but directly executed code on each node.
That makes it 100x to 1000x faster performance.
But we first need to lock down the native DEX functionality as a lot of the ecosystem depends on that.

[07:37] kchoi: doesn’t gecko support smart contracts

[07:38] jl777: Gecko is the smartchain, which builds in a specific smart contract (whatever it might be).

[07:38] kchoi: man Komodo has so many things going on, it can sometimes be confusing to layman

[07:39] jl777: Komodo will solve all the crypto bottlenecks

[07:39] kchoi: so gecko == komodo, right? well subset i suppose

[07:39] jl777: gecko is a special assetchain that will be launched via komodod