What is the difference between Full Mode and Native Mode in Agama?



komodod = local komodod daemon

iguana = local iguana daemon

both provides API

both does blockchain sync

data storage for both is totally different from each other. incompatible with each other.

  • iguana = Memory Mapped Files. RAMChain tech. SuperNET innovation. Blazing fast speed, and Explorer Level data set storage of blockchain.

  • komodod = same as bitcoin tech. LevelDB database. all good and bad things of a Database.

Native Mode is original implantation. preferred way of doing coin transactions. Also Native Mode is the only made which will let you do z transactions. the private transactions.

Full Mode and Basilisk Mode are only via iguana. These are connecting to Native Mode nodes in the network. Both Native Mode and Full Mode nodes on the network talk to each other, can transact with each other, can do whatever the nodes do in network.

Native Mode is preferred above Full Mode as it enables the advanced functionality of the native coin. For example, for Komodo it enables the anonymous z-transactions.