What are these "assetchains" and is "PAX"?



Many of you might be wondering what are these “assetchains” and what the heck is “PAX” Huh

In short, they are all part of the SuperNET’s vision to decentralize everything and solve the biggest problems crypto has. These terms might be familiar for those who hang around in SuperNET slack daily, but go a little over the top for the new investors. So what problems are we solving?

dPoW will secure the weak chains (solves security problems)
assetchains will create independent assets with their own blockchain (solves blockchain dependency problem)
atomic swaps (DEX) will create a market for coins and assets in assetchains (solves decentralize exchange)
PAX will create fiat backed assets, i.e. crypto dollars (solves volatility problem)
Iguana is the multicoin wallet (solves decentralized wealth storing)

Each PAX asset has its own blockcahin (assetchain), and those are secured by dPoW. Likewise the dPoW will secure all the assets in assetchains and those assets can be sent and stored in a decentralized wallet called Iguana. Each PAX asset and any other asset from assetchains is traded in decentralized exchange thanks to low level Iguana tech and atomic cross-chain swap protocol.

Everything jl777 has been developing ties together into this big ecosystem of decentralized solutions. The different parts need each other and together they will power-up a bigger system that will go head-to-head against the old fiat system. In this vision the dPoW and Komodo play a big role. Whenever you see a mention about BTCD you can replace it with Komodo, as Komodo is the BTCD 2.0. In time, everything that uses BTCD will be using Komodo.

About PAX

You can read about PAX from bitcoindark.com website. It should be about 80% up-to-date info, and gives you a basic understanding about what it is.


source: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1605144.msg16703712#msg16703712


Am I right in assuming then that dPoW helps solve scaling issues for other cryptos as well? Would it help, say, all the ETH backlogs that have been going on lately?


You are best reading the white paper to answer all your questions
For more question and information visit https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1605144.0.

SuperNET staff


Thanks. I will check em out.


Whats the difference between cryptocurrencies and assetchains?

Assetchains are a special form of cryptocurrency.

  • fixed supply
  • built in dPoW to KMD chain
  • on demand block generation
  • designed for low volume usage, eg no regular blocks

Why do we need assetchains when we have cryptocurrencies? I mean why to have two…whats the main difference?

The main difference is you can launch a new assetchain via komodod command line parameters. the main differences are listed above.
Not all assetchains are Komodo currency, but all Komodo currencies are assetchains.