unwanted change of address after restarting agama, balance zero again


Hello everyone,

I downloaded the Agama Wallet, deposited Komodo on it and everything went smooth. I reopend
the wallet maybe three times in half a day. The fourth time, around 12 hours later, I suddenly discovered I had
no balance left, I guess due to the fact I suddenly had a new address. I can still find my orignal address on
the Atomic Explorer. Am I stupid or is this a bug? This is really frustrating.



I checked the downloaded Agama zipfile, and it was legit. I just do not understand how the same seed can generate a different address. Can someone help me? Will do some research.


Make sure you are not adding any spaces. Sometimes you might have added or taken one out by mistake and this can affect the address. I have not had any other reports. This is an isolated case but I will definitely try to replicate it. Please let me know if you have recovered it.



Did you find a solution for this problem?




Thanks for asking. Appreciate it.

No, I haven’t been able to find a solution. I still don’t quite understand how
the sudden change of address could have occurred. Assumed the problem
is caused by me, than I must have typed a couple of times a seed that differs from the one I wrote down into the ‘Agama login window’, which is strange but possible. I found out that I made a mistake in writing down the mnemonic seed. Correcting the misspelled word still gives me an address that differs from the one to which I deposited my komodo.

Is this still an isolated problem?

Do you have any tips on brute forcing my seed? The seed is probably more than 90% correct. I know there is a python script on github who might do the trick. It’s not much but it would be nice to retrieve the coins.

Luckily I invested more into Komodo two months ago. It was a good choice.


With kind regards,



This just happened to me. It seems that when you’re entering your seed on the Agama wallet client, it will eliminate spaces in your seed unless you quickly space and type another word. I was unaware of this. I opened the wallet using what I thought was my exact seed and transferred my KMD. Now I can’t get back in. I have no idea where the space was eliminated throughout my seed.

I have the address that my KMD was sent to.

Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: I just went through my seed phrase and eliminated the space between each individual words, one at a time. I was fortunate enough to find the address I mistakenly sent my KMD to. If more than one space was auto-backspaced without me noticing, this would compound the difficulty.