Test-Release - May 26 - v


Help us test a new Agama Wallet release!

It’s now out! As a zip release. The installers will be online later.

Download from here: https://github.com/SuperNETorg/Agama/releases/tag/v0.2.0.1a-beta

Note! The goal of this release is to locate all the bugs and make the new wallet stable. The whole code base was upgraded during the past 2 months.

Please don’t complain, but just calmly report the bug and our team will quickly fix it. This version has debug tools will help us to better assess your issues.

Here’s a Agama v0.2.0.1a beta Pre-Release User Guide

NOTE: due to major changes in our code base it’s required to remove iguana/shepherd folder and config.json file! Read the release nodes for more info.

Here are the release nodes:

NOTE: This is experimental release.

This version mainly includes bug fixes and patches:

New improved UI rendering library
Native mode:
incorrect/lost interest
unsafe komodod exit
constant issues led to komodod crash on all major OS
constant UI freezes blocking any user actions
Improved Basilisk mode
New features:

Alternative send coin method (only from main wallet address)
Improved local UTXO send coin method (all available addresses)
Progress bar displaying current data fetching progress
App configuration tab
App information tab
Seed string visibility toggle
Add coin modal:
Multi-coin selection
Save/load coin selection
Sync only full mode for supported coins
Log utils (debug & user support purposes):
Local agamalog.txt file
HTTP calls stack modal
How to run pre-release app.

unpack .zip
follow the steps below
double click on Agama.exe to launch the app.
NOTE: due to major changes in our code base it’s required to remove iguana/shepherd folder and config.json file!

config.json location:

Linux: ~/.iguana/config.json
OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/iguana/config.json
Windows: %AppData%/Iguana/config.json

iguana/shepherd folder location

Linux: ~/.iguana/shepherd
OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/iguana/shepherd
Windows: %AppData%/Iguana/shepherd

Alternative Iguana Core and Komodo binaries

If binaries that come with this release don’t work for you. Grab latest copies from the follwing url https://artifacts.supernet.org/latest/
Copy bins to respective folder extrated_agama_app_path/assets/bin/linux64 or extrated_agama_app_path/assets/bin/osx or extrated_agama_app_path/assets/bin/win64 where extrated_agama_app_path is a folder to where you extracted .zip file.

Default ports

As of this version each user is required to keep the following ports open:

7778 (all modes)
7779 (all modes)
7771 (native mode)
Short User Guide



  • Let’s find all the bugs
  • You must remove iguana/shepherd folder and config.json file! (read the release notes)
  • Read the guide

Source: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1605144.msg19208307#msg19208307