SuperNET Asset Migration Schedule



It is time, finally to start the asset migration from NXT

The following are the KMD assetchains that correspond to NXT assets:
SuperNET: {“result”:“success”,“coin”:“SUPERNET”,“lastnotarization”:4687,“bestheight”:4693}
NXTprivacy: {“result”:“success”,“coin”:“JUMBLR”,“lastnotarization”:6458,“bestheight”:6465}
InstantDEX: {“result”:“success”,“coin”:“DEX”,“lastnotarization”:4430,“bestheight”:4430}
NXTcoinsco: {“result”:“success”,“coin”:“BOTS”,“lastnotarization”:4451,“bestheight”:4456}
sharkfund0: {“result”:“success”,“coin”:“SHARK”,“lastnotarization”:2167,“bestheight”:2167}
crypto777: {“result”:“success”,“coin”:“CRYPTO”,“lastnotarization”:4931,“bestheight”:4942}
jl777hodl: {“result”:“success”,“coin”:“HODL”,“lastnotarization”:4656,“bestheight”:4665}
pangea: {“result”:“success”,“coin”:“PANGEA”,“lastnotarization”:4283,“bestheight”:4283}
privatebet: {“result”:“success”,“coin”:“BET”,“lastnotarization”:4570,“bestheight”:4575}
MGW: {“result”:“success”,“coin”:“MGW”,“lastnotarization”:4612,“bestheight”:4661}

The above 10 will be swapped to the corresponding KMD assetchains. In order to redeem, transfer the asset to the SuperNET account NXT-MRBN-8DFH-PFMK-A4DBM with a permanent message that has the KMD format address they want the assetchain coins sent to.

The transfers will be processed prior to any dividends that are sent out, which means if you dont transfer before the payout date, you will miss out on that payout. However, I cannot promise any specific date for the conversion, only that if you do the above asset transfer before payouts, you wont miss any payouts.

First payout will be for crypto777 CRYPTO and currently has approx 50 BTC accrued in I expect the payout to be processed in December. SuperNET’s share of this is approx 12 BTC. Good news is BTC txfees got low enough to consolidate all the small transactions, so it will be possible to send out the dividend after it is converted to KMD. It isnt that big of an amount, but we have to start somewhere.

The asset transfer swaps will be open until March 1st 2018, which is over 4 months from now, we have learned the pains of having a one year swap period! Please do not complain that it is not long enough. It is not clear how much longer the NXT chain will have enough forging percentage to keep it secure, so time is of the essence.

After that date, there is no assurance that the NXT assets will have any value, they will not be eligible for swaps, so would be like BTCD which also wont have any conversion rights.

NXTventure will have its significant holdings distributed out proportionally to the holders as of the end of November to allow time for people to swap received assets into assetchain coins before the first CRYPTO payout in December.

SuperNETx2 will receive 1 SuperNET and 1 REVS to approximate its double revshare. I know it isnt exactly the same, but it is a rough match.


Hi! Is there any instruction about migration of assets from NXT platform Asset Exchange (localhost:7876)? I am a holder of SuperNET and Instandex there. Is there any plans on integration of Supernet/Instandex into KMD ecosystem?
Thank you


Yes, you will have to send them to the specified NXT address with your KMD address in the message (use permanent message).

The swaps are processed in batches, so at some later point you will receive the actual assets.

To see if you got your assets use Agama Wallet or

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Audo, please tell me who could I address with the questions about InstanDEX/SuperNET which I hold since 2014. Is there chance that they will be converted in DEX or in KMD? Please! Who could I talk to or where could I read? The point is not in just migrating those assets from NXT ecosystem but to understand what is their (InstanDEX/SuperNET) place in KMD ecosystem.
Thank you


SuperNET Assets use the Komodo assetchain technology. They are coins like any other.

SuperNET has been developing technology since 2014 and these assets are about that. I don’t know if there’s any easier explanation.

Best place for more info is SuperNET slack.