Manage the collecting of 7 coin-specific characteristics for all active bitcoin-based coins


We are ready to start approaching other coin communities about adding their coin to barterDEX.

{"coin":"HUSH", "name":"hush", "rpcport":8822, "taddr":28, "pubtype":184, "p2shtype":189, "wiftype":128, "txfee":10000 }

The above JSON is all that is needed to add support for a coin and I think it would be good for us to have a reach out campaign to all the other bitcoin protocol coins. So an introduction post and a call to action is what is needed. Then we can divide up the possible coins among various people and have them post away.

The benefit for having their coin description included is the automatic addition to the barterDEX GUIs and of course the ability to do atomic cross chain exchanges.

I need someone to take the lead on this campaign as I certainly dont have the time to do it. I can allocate 10,000 KMD for a combined bounty to get 250 coins added. To be added, the JSON must be actually working, with a confirmed atomic swap that is posted in that coin’s thread. The txids can then be used as verification that it is legitimate. The project lead gets to decide how to allocate the 10,000 KMD.

The parameters are found in chainparams.cpp file in the src directory of bitcoin forks, it is a bit technical but not too hard. The rpcport should be common knowledge along with the coins symbol and the ~/.COIN directory name.


Hey @noashh do you also need the p2p port that a coin uses, which in the cast of HUSH is 8888, fyi?

-David Mercer
HUSH Lead Dev
Maintainer of Windows port of komodo
Developer of zcash4win


What does it take to be bitcoin-based?

I know it sounds like a stupid question, but i guess what I am looking for is certain characteristics that would exclude a coin from being added. I know 2of2 multisig is required but what else?


p2p port is not needed


chainparams.cpp being there or not appears to be a good indication of btc based