Linux barterDEX, BTC, KMD, REVS and JUMBLR setup script



Script for installing barterDEX, BTC, KMD, REVS and JUMBLR. It contains only little explanations, just the minimum. It also contains ggc-5 installation from the testing-repo of debian because it is needed for some other wallets to compile. It could be skipped when you intend to just use BTC KMD and some bigger coins, besides it is not very elegant to do it this way, but it works fine. There is something else to mention: it installs libssl1.0-dev because there are many wallets which do not compile with the 1.1 version (quite a lot). That of course means that every wallet is compiled/linked against the older 1.0-openssl, but it would be quite a mess to always install the version you need prior to compiling some wallets. All wallets are working fine with the 1.0-version so far.


Made by cipi