Komodo Swing Wallet for Windows and OSX



There is an alternative wallet for Komodo users can try, which is developed using Java.

It is developed by one of our team member @ca333.

You can download it from here:
Latest: 0.7.8 (released 9. June 2017)


Hi nice! Why you use Swing? If you need help putting it on with JavaFX mail me.


Picture is broken @grewalsatinder


Hi there. I’m not having any luck with installing this wallet on my Mac. It has stopped at ‘downloading proving key’. It has been going for hours but it doesn’t seem to be downloading anything (there is no network activity). I would like to get this working so I can move my Komodo coins off Bittrex.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks! :slight_smile:


@digitalPunk OSX specific bug is fixed. https://github.com/ca333/komodoGUI/releases


Thanks for fixing the bug! Unfortunately I have another problem. :frowning: The proving key starts to download however it keeps stopping part way through. The first time it stopped at about 3/4 now it seems to stop about 1/4 (it’s different each time). I’ve tried downloading 5-6 times. I even left it going all last night but no luck. My internet connection seems to be fine.

Thanks for your help!


Disregard that last post its finally downloaded. But now it seems Bittrex have disabled the Komodo wallet so I cant withdraw! :frowning:


having problems with this swing wallet using on windows 7 64bit its stuck on downloading proving key for hours on end, can you help please


Same problem with win 10 downloading proving key for 20 hours , please advise

  1. post updated, new version 0.7.8
  • with Iguana passphrase import function and other bugfixes



New version is released: https://github.com/ca333/komodoGUI/releases

interest bug is fixed
seed importer is optimized


Do u know how to fix it , please , thank you.


I also from komodo.ico firstly I sending (well it is still outgoing pending), to Agama wallet but then i read that it is better on this, so I am very confused, am I going to loose komodo coins or everything is fine? Also if this what i mentioned is in pogress should I leave it like that or somehow i have to turn or in other way to put komodo coins in this wallet, wich you are talking about. ? Your spare time would be very helpful, THANK YOU!!

  1. download the installer: https://github.com/ca333/komodoGUI/releases/download/v0.7.8-win-2/komodoGUI_setup.exe
  2. launch the komodoGUI_setup.exe
  3. click on install and do not change install path


The installer is not for portable usage. Do not change the installation path. If you need a portable version download the GUI package archive (komodoGUI.zip), extract the folder and launch komodoGUI.exe from within the extracted directory.


Downloaded https://github.com/ca333/komodoGUI/releases/download/v0.7.8-win-2/komodoGUI_setup.exe and did backup I was withdraw from BITTREX KMD on that first and only addrress under OWN ADDRESSES and it have 123 confirmations in komodo explorer, but is not showing up in wallet…What to do ?.Where is that test KMD?.After that KomodoGUI wont start


Would you know how to fix this, please :


I cannot help .I also seek help.


swing wallet not run on windows 8.1 pro 32 bits