How to take backup of Komodo Native Mode



When you start Komodo in Native Mode in Agama, it starts original Komodo daemon komodod which uses different wallet files and blockchain database files than other modes like Full Mode and Basilisk Mode.

It is recommended to take backup of your Native Mode Komodo wallet separately and periodically.

You just need to take backup of wallet.dat file from Komodo Data folder. Location of wallet.dat file is different based on the OS you are running your Native Mode wallet:

Linux: ~/.komodo/wallet.dat
MacOS: ~/Library/Applications Support/Komodo/wallet.dat
Windows: %AppData%/Komodo/wallet.dat

When to take backup:

  • If you are using Native Mode for Komodo, and sending outgoing transactions it is possible the change might end up in a new address which is stored in wallet.dat file. So, you should take backup of your wallet.dat if you recently sent a transaction using Native Mode.