Has James / JL777 abandoned his projects in the past? How many ICOs has he done?



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"While I have done many projects, I think “dozens” is an exaggeration. Similarily your statement about no projects finished is a bit harsh.

jl777hodl is a holding fund for various crypto projects. As such it has been finished for years. It was the first asset that started trading and made history, this was something like 2 years ago. I would consider this finished.

MGW is multigateway.com and that also has been finished and in service for over a year. Since it is working and being used for over a year, I would consider that finished.

NXTventure is another one that has been finished for over a year. It has paid out in dividends more than I think any other NXT asset by value of dividends at the time it was sent out. Again, the future of NXTventure is hampered by all the changes with NXT that is out of my control, however I would consider NXTventure was completed.

SuperNET is a hybrid holding vehicle and technology incubator. At least that is one way to look at it. http://www.supernet.org/nav.php shows its current holdings and despite being hit by a 75% reduction in its NAV the first year (mostly due to NXT price decline and my not actively trading), the NAV has more than doubled to within striking distance of the original. This is achieved while paying for all the costs to run SuperNET out of the investment gains. Now what other project self-funds from investment gains that it makes?

I have issued more than a dozen proxy assets, such as mgwBTC and superBTC. These asset’s function is to represent 1:1 the BTC to allow using the NXT AE to trade them via blockchain. I did this 2 years ago and I am pretty sure it was the first tokenDEX that allowed trading of crypto against crypto. This is 2 years ago, when just now we finally see other solutions of this kind appearing. I would consider these assets completed.

Iguana is a bitcoin daemon and wallet that can sync the entire BTC blockchain from scratch in 2 hours. It also can sync over a dozen other coins, all from a self-contained codebase that I wrote from scratch. Its codesize is about 3MB and it has been ported from unix to osx, win32, win64, android and chrome app. docs.supernet.org documents its API bindings and it is now in the final stages of debug and will be used as a component within komodo. I have seen some GUI that is looking pretty good and for basic wallet function and parallel sync it appears to be working, though I do the core level code and not the GUI so I cant speak for it in detail.

Is iguana completed? Not quite, but it is very close and I suggest you take a look at it. The source code has been open and available during the development process at https://github.com/jl777/SuperNET and you can see that I have been quite busy over the years. docs.supernet.org documents the API

crypto777: this is an ongoing technology revenue asset and as soon as project start generating revenues, it will too. It basically represents revenues from the technology that I do that doesnt already have an asset to encapsulate its revenues. In some sense it is done, just that the revenue streams are flowing yet. Maybe this is in an in-between state, but there was no ICO per se for this, so not sure if you have an issue with it.

Now to the real unfinished projects list, however please note that there was NO ICO for these and it was funded by small number of private investors, so I dont think it is fair for you to criticize them as an incomplete ICO, as they were not even ICO:

InstantDEX: easyDEX is in last stages of coding/debugging and is part of the overall solution of loosely coupled blockchains using atomic swaps. The full InstantDEX was mostly working last year(!) however due to disappearance of GUI dev combine with NXT increasing txfees dramatically while reducing the available space to store data, made an InstantDEX built on NXT uneconomic. Should InstantDEX have been finished by now? Yes. I made a mistake of building the InstantDEX on top of NXT, which is a platform that I had no voice in and when everything was changed and made it so a few of my projects became unviable, my protests were met with a “you should have known better”. OK, so lesson learned and now I know better, I wrote iguana from scratch so its entirety I am in control. Never again will I be at the mercy of arbitrary changes that break backward compatibility and the fundamental economic model of a service I built on top of it.

Pangea: this is a decentralized poker service that is in a holding pattern now due to the retooling required to switch from a NXT based service to iguana based.

Tradebots/NXTcoinsco: part of this is in the process of being completed within the easyDEX framework, but again the shift from NXT based to iguana based was a delay factor.

NXTprivacy: this is mostly a deprecated asset due to my shift from NXT to iguana, but I do have a plan to infuse some life to it after the dust settles from the other projects. In any case it never did any ICO and didnt even do much of secondary trading on NXT AE, so its priority has been low.

Do you want me to list the projects that I didnt even raise funds from private investors and are just various technology projects that I have percolating? Not sure why you would have any complaints if I have a lot of projects in the research phase that I have not raised funds for.

I proposed an Asset Passport system, which is a way to protect asset issuer and holders by allowing them to migrate from chain to chain. This was actually the genesis of dPoW which evolved from the need to secure weak PoS chains. I never raised any funds for this.

I have proposed Teleport, Telepathy and PAX within the BTCD context, but I did not do any ICO to raise funds to develop this. Teleport at a high level is similar to zcash, in that there is a blackbox of bits representing the transaction, but the math behind the zero knowledge proofs is a step above anything else and I always want to use the best tech solution for my systems, even if it means replacing something I made. Telepathy is a network level privacy “mixer” and this will work on top of the komodo, of course it needs for komodo to be finalized and also its urgency is much less due to the strength of zcash tech. PAX has been coded to alpha level, but as an unfunded project has been back burnered and also waits for the full transition to iguana. Is it is disappointing that these things have not been completed yet? Sure, but I am just one guy coding away most days and many have advised me to get more help at the core level. The issue is I cant find any other C coders at my level who will work for anything less than a lot of money.

I am also providing free consulting for many projects, they just have to ask and I try to help as I can, which is usually with some technical ideas. I am not the one actually doing these projects though, so I hope you do not hold me responsible for any delivery status of all the projects I have helped with my advice.

I understand if you see all these projects and there isnt the level of success you want to see. After all if it was all finished and a big success I wouldnt have to be working these 14 hour days 28 days a month, continuously.

However, the perception that I never finish everything is not correct. The perception that I do dozens of ICOs and just spend all the money and ask for more, is not correct.

I have done exactly one ICO outside of the NXT assets, and that is SuperNET. Its charter for use of funds is primarily to make investments and I have been funding operations from the profits, while growing the NAV from a low of .002 to its current .006 level.

If you can name any other ICO I conducted where funds were raised and I havent delivered anything, I am curious to know what it is. As you can see I am not limited in the number of ideas, nor do I feel their quality is low. What I need is more resources. I had hoped to get at least half a dozen volunteers to work on the core C projects, but alas, there were none.

With komodo there is the possibility of creating not only the first dPoW implementation, but also to fund all of the pending projects that are in slow motion due to my only having 16 hours per day to work and I am slacking off this year by working only 14 hours per day.



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"I am eager to find out all the ICO I have done, other than SuperNET ICO.

Did you forget that I did not launch BTCD. That most of the NXT assets are either MGW coin assets, or assets that were given out for free as dividends to those that held SuperNET or NXTventure?

That a few of my assets are simple holding assets, that are there to hold other assets. One of my so-called failed assets “jl777hodl” has only quadrupled in value and currently has 200 siafund, worth over 500 BTC.

You make it sound like i have done dozens of ICO, each for millions of dollars and not delivered anything. Instead of the truth that the SuperNET ICO is the only real ICO that was done and most of its capital is locked up in holdings, so I dont have the right to spend large amount of funds to spend to develop things. I do have access to a few millions of dollars of funds that I havent stolen for all this time, rather I have worked to grow its value with shrewd investments. Compensating for an 80% drop in the value of NXT has not been easy task.

MGW has been developed, completed, delivered and deployed and was the first asset based DEX that finally the rest of the industry is making comparable things to. 2 years later.

I created iguana that uses an append only data structure for storing the blockchain and guess who is planning to do the same thing in a future bitcoin release? Yes, blockstream’s bitcoin core group is now saying that using a database is not the way to go and it is better to use an append only dataset, which is what my ramchains has been doing.

It is true that I havent finished all the projects that I said I would finish, like pangea. However that wasnt even my project and when it ran into trouble I agreed to do the core work for it. total amount I raised in the pangea ICO is zero. In fact, I put my money into the pangea project.

I am involved in a lot of projects? Yes. I do help other projects, including but not limited to pure crypto projects as I have even contributed to nanomsg. Also to the zcash project, btcforks, heat, waves, SYS and many others I dont even remember. Do I do an ICO for all of these? Is it somehow a bad thing that I am able to help a broad spectrum of other projects? Usually I do it as a volunteer. Sometimes, I invest in a project and then have an incentive to help it out. Is that a bad thing?

External events created a delay and I had to develop iguana tech from scratch: https://bitco.in/forum/forums/iguana.23/

It has a dedicated section in the bitco.in forum with a lot of posts as to all the tech that I supposedly havent done.

Anyway, if you are going to troll me, maybe you are better off trying to find some sort of sex scandal? It seems you will have a better chance



What are the previous and current projects jl777 is involved in?

The first big project and ICO before Komodo was the SuperNET itself. That ICO began on Saturday 6th of September 2014 and all the other projects are related to it.

The first completed project for SuperNET was a multiwallet build on top of Nxt platform. This enabled anyone to deposit any supported coin through a service called ‘MultiGateway’, and then the coins will appear in the wallet as a Nxt token. Those tokens are backed by the real coin which are secured by a distributed solution.

A number of other projects are being developed on top of the SuperNET technology. Those projects are often started by a third parties, but jl777 is himself involved in two of those: InstantDEX and Pangea. Their development will speed up once the low level technology of SuperNET is ready.

Last year SuperNET roadmap had some changes and a major component was announced: Iguana. It can be thought as SuperNET’s low level technology which many other projects (including Komodo) will use.

James has recently given detailed information about the status of his projects, see: