Chat software based on Komodo Platform tech



Hi Komodo/SuperNET community,

I’m thinking to start a prototype Chat Application using Komodo technologies, soon after I release simple and bit advanced version of BarterDEX GUI that I’m working on.

The initial chat system will be real-time troll box like chat which will be seen in BarterDEX advanced GUI.

Then to advance this chat even further I’m thinking to extend it to the level where we can think of replacing it with interface and features we find in Slack, Gitter, Rocket chat or IRC, with the minimal feature set, of course.

So, I need some feedback from the community on what minimal feature set you’d like to see from your experience that you like and see in different chat software.

I expect this effort to reach the point where decentralized communities have a real-time chat place where they can have it all setup and integrated with their decentralized companies. Which means, I wish to see this as a part of Komodo Dev toolkit which will be available to developers and decentralized company initiators using Komodo tech.

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  • Komodo Platform Dev


Good to hear. I believe world needs it maybe more then it needs crypto.
Do you have experience building social media for milions of users?
Let’s think about it as a generalized forum/chat/media platform = tool to process knowledge.
On chat people tend to make more free and off-topic discussion then on forum due to live conversations so I believe these tools should co-exist.
Good if there will be some summaries of chat/forum discussions done by users + voting: to be able to read abreviations after topic grow in size. This will require to be able to create and pin articles to topics.
Full media + soacial = true social media.
Also some related tickets system may be worh = after discussion some goals may appear, ideas, worth to split into task and assign people to make some work.

Overall a true social media platform focused on optimal knowledge processing by humans will be worth as much as a true AI, will help societies create consensus and better solutions and will allow intelligent people to join and develop ideas.

Worth to invest some money and collect few decent devs. I believe 1 year of coding while having a decent vision could lead to sth great.

I can drop some ideas mentioned here:


We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. There are plenty of centralized chats we can replicate in a decentralized manner in a short amount of time.


Awesome idea :slight_smile:

Here are my quick thoughts.

Since it’s decentralized + crypto, I think the MVP should have some connection to the cryptocurrency payment network (like KMD). For example, each registered nick name would be tied to a KMD address. Then it would be easy to send KMD from the chat app itself. It could be used for tipping, for example.

  • Register an alias with KMD address attached to it
  • View chat room participants
  • Send KMD to other aliases
  • Private messaging


Good point to use some code from some opensource project and make it fit. The fastest in short run.


In that case you have to suggest me any decentralised chat software. where there’s no central point of failure.


Nice! I’ll keep these points in note. These are the most essentials to replicate, but some are tiny-bit little different in my idea.
May be before getting on to chat, I’ll need to solve and do something before that. I’ll share that project’s details soon too.


Another ideas shared in Slack by a community member:

A chat bot will be very cool with this having a private function built in, and a type of profile can be great, 
Private message board for each Dex company
A type of post numbers with followers 
Hopes that helps cheers


This is exactly why we need a totally decentralised team chat software :slight_smile: