API-Test our decentralized exchange "BarterDEX"



Test our decentralized exchange, using the Linux command line / API calls. That means you should try out all functions and report any issues.

Setup guide: http://pad.supernet.org/barterdex-readme

You have to be

  • smart (to understand the DEX and how to use it, so you can thoroughly test it)
  • dedicated
  • familiar with the linux command line
  • experienced in how cryptocurrencies work


hi, i will be installing the dex on my linux machine to see what i can do. is there a slack or telegram channel that might be more responsive to questions?


Hey, good to hear you want to help testing - we made a lot of progress recently! You can join our slack at http://slackinvite.supernet.org, channels #tradebots and #barterdex.


Hi, I’m going to test BarterDEX, thank you for your work