500 KMD - Compile Liquidity Provider and Marketmaker for Windows



Task: Compile Liquidity Provider and MarketMaker for Windows Platform
Platform: x64 bit
Bounty: min 500 KMD
Deadline date: N/A

Method of verification:
At least 2 or more testers/users must be able to do/complete trades on Windows 64bit machine using compiled windows MarketMaker bundle.
Proof must be provided with the screen shots of completed trades done on windows platform.


I am part way there so far on getting the LP built for Win64 so far!


Can this be closed?


not yet! I have been waiting for a script that @ca333 was going to send me to get past where I’m stalled on the win64 build


I am gonna bang on it some more rn in any event


@noashh i released it back in july - this one is outdated now.
win repo: https://github.com/ca333/SuperNET/tree/windows-cross
release bins: https://github.com/ca333/SuperNET/releases

the build procedure is explained here: https://github.com/ca333/SuperNET/tree/windows-cross#crosscompile-iguanamarketmaker-barterdex

–> i had to modify little networking part. final test (missing liblink + barterDEX swap) standing out.