10,000 KMD - $100,000 USD: High BarterDEX GUI Development Bounties!




SuperNET has developed a native decentralized exchange called BarterDEX (formerly known as EasyDEX & InstantDEX). It is based on atomic cross-chain swaps which allows two nodes to exchange cryptocurrencies without placing any trust to each other.

If you have experience in writing software to exchange GUI, please contact us, we are looking for several parallel developed exchange GUIs so there is a variety of solutions for users to choose from.

If you are interested about the bounty, please contact us before you begin your work.

We have reserved various 10,000 KMD bounties and a $100,000 USD bonus bounty.

Basic Bounties

There are various bounties reserved GUI development, and more general bug finding and testing.

We offer 10,000 KMD bounty for a fully working GUI that is independently developed and preferably takes a different approach than the other existing GUI projects toward barterDEX. Contact jl777 if you are interested in developing such a GUI and if it seems likely you will be able to complete one, we will reserve 10,000 KMD for the completion bounty

Provide jl777 with some rough ideas (screenshots) and I will reserve the 10,000 KMD for your GUI completion. By complete, that means real users actually using it as evidenced by the “GUI” field set to your GUI for completed transactions in the stats records of the atomic swaps.

Additional Bounties

To spice things up, we are considering a usability contest where the most used GUI gets an additional bonus. By having a specific deadline for tallying the usage, this incentives an early release, but of course if it is early but not so good, it wont get much usage.

So if you can manage a barterDEX GUI project, you can get it accepted as a bounty set aside to make sure that you recoup your costs and also get a shot at the $100,000 bonus. In addition to the nice money bonus, the winning GUI will become the official barterDEX GUI, which will of course establish whoever created this to be a bona fide award winning GUI dev (team).


At a minimum it needs to support KMD, BTC and the assetchains and be an original implementation. Preferably from a slightly different point of view than the other GUI.

Working GUI must be deployed within some reasonable timeframe, We are thinking 2 to 3 months A limit to the number of different GUI projects that will have bounty reserved. In the event they don’t meet the deadline, then an alternate would be eligible.

Still undecided on the cutoff for the usage tally and we are also considering supplementing the usage tally with a poll in Komodo BitcoinTalk thread. That would have less weight than the usage. And a final component which would be made by me only in the event that some technically deficient version was winning to ensure that the bonus doesn’t go to some version that has technical issues but still gets a lot of usage.

The timing for the contest would be based on a time delay from when the first viable barterDEX GUI is released, say 2 months after that event.

Feedback appreciated, this is an idea that is in the process of being formed so now is the time for feedback before it becomes set. The 10,000 per GUI is already set, but the number of approved GUI projects is not and the specific way the winning GUI will be selected is not finalized.

Application Info

Contact @jl777 on SuperNET Slack.

Join channels #tradebots and #barterdex. Slack-Invite @ http://slackinvite.supernet.org